Cristiane Machado is Brazilian by Birth and a Citizen of The Universe by Choice!  She is Passionate about people, good times and LIFE and How It all is Connected, Interlaced, and of Ultimate Beauty!

Born in 09/29/1969 (very auspicious numbers), in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro at 7:10 am from mom Zelia S. da Silva and dad Everson Z. Machado. Journeyed  to the USA in 1999, and after several attempts of becoming a “Good Girl” (lots more on that in case you started following Cristiane’s work), she came to realization, that, instead, her Personal Legend (story) was deeply rooted in Debunking, what she calls,  The “Good Girl” Syndrome. Which she did (after LOTS of Inner work, DANCE, and Cry) and keeps on Doing, Every Dam Day. She did and does, not only for herself, but most specially, to Inspire others to look inside and let go of Any label that might prevent themselves from becoming Who they are meant to be. Simply Extraordinaire women, mothers, daughters, lovers, friends, and, Goddesses  of their own destiny, honoring themselves and living life to the fullest, therefore happy and Inspiring all around, instead of living tortured by somebody else’s idea of who they are or “should” (Argh!) be, either as a woman, a mother, friend, lover and so on. And, Yes, GUYS, She is ALL about Inspiring YOU too, to Become The partners that a Reformed  “Good Girl” so Desires in her life. So, this is a bit of how The Journey into Debunking the “Good girl” started:

Married at 17 yo, Divorced for first time at 23, Remarried to same husband (nicest and most wonderful dad ever!) to become divorced for good at 34. She just knew that the traditional wife life was NOT for her, still, her mama said that only married women were worthy to be taken care of. A mother of a quite Incredible individual, fruit of that 17 yo marriage (so, she understands it was part of her journey to TRY the whole marriage and to become a Good Girl. =)

In the Winter of 2004, Cristiane attended and graduated from the renown, Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL and became an entrepreneur in The Art of Healing Thyself through The Natural Wonders of Nature, Mind and Body. Since graduating, Cristiane’s Massage Therapy career has evolved and allowed her into engaging on a more Conscious path, which has led to a State of Awareness and questioning through Yoga, Meditation and a desire to be come the wholesome person (not JUST that “Good Girl”, who was always unhappy for trying to make everyone happy, by behaving as other’s expected her to)  she knew she was meant to Be. But…always a But huh? As She found Solace on the Inner work and transformation, She realized that Her now Awaken Goddess was missing something: Movement!

And, thats how the Inner desire to set herself Free from Dogmas and traditionalism came about. She had been quite curious about Yoga and its mystical teachings, and, in 2009, Cristiane became an Yoga Instructor with a 200 + Teacher Training at Paradisiac Anamaya in Montezuma, Costa Rica. She did not stop there and took several fitness certifications and among them, she became a Zumba Fitness instructors and Zumba Jammer and that opened a zillion of doors to be explored, which She did promptly, by traveling all over the Globe sharing the Bliss of Body Movement. Thats also when Cristiane realized that women, from all backgrounds were getting more and more attracted to her persona and energy and she then started to realize that she was NOT alone… So many women were looking for their Inner Goddesses and The Divine within, and still, couldn’t dare to find it, since, Only Good Girls are worthy of love, right?

And, from Zumba and Personal training came the opportunity to became a Guide for RED Warrior® Nation (, where again, Inspiration and Empowerment wreath Theme. Quite Powerful program designed by Fitness Guru Jani Roberts, whom Cristiane works close with and considers one of her role models and mentor.

As Cristiane considers herself an ever evolving divine Goddess, she become a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer by one of her mentors and The Universe Guru, Mike Dooley (

Among the many Healing and Transformational techniques Cristiane uses for herself, friends, family and clients, is Sacred Cacao (Chocolate is healing!).

So, with all of the learnings from her many journeys, Nomadic Goddess was Co-Created and Cristiane many Passion’s got combined to bring Inspiration and Empowerment to Women and the Feminine, wherever they at, to Honor, Awaken and Fire Up that Extraordinary and Divine Goddess within.

Through her Dance classes, Yoga practices and Nomadic Goddess Retreats, Cristiane has literally reshaped hundreds of women’s lives, allowing them to live fuller and totally more authentic and thus happier lives. Their families, friends and the people who surrounds them can attest to that.  And, thats HOW, she is, few women at a time, debunking the Good girl Syndrome. Amen!