RETREATS with ME, around the WORLD!!! The ESCAPE featuring YOGA, WELLNESS, ZUMBA® FITNESS and MORE!!!


I have been  an avid dreamer about traveling and taking friends around with me… But not just “any” traveling. One of my MANY dreams has been to go to exotic places and SHARE its culture, habits, ways and adventures.

So, I started creating retreats where we, as retreaters, have the chance to do all of the mentioned above, plus, treat our bodies, minds and souls with the BEST that life and its POWER have to offer. The results have been transforming to every single person who have attended the retreats. I am putting some testimonials and opinions about it to add here, so you have an idea of what people like YOU think of this way of connecting. Within and around!

So, I am THRILLED to ANNOUNCE that for 2013, I have 2 retreats planned. One is in Puerto Rico, “La Isla de Los Encantos”, organized by a dear friend, Magda Santiago, where I am one of the guest instructors. I am posting the link here, so you can gather more info about it. It is happening in November 2013. The LINK below will give YOU all info and HOW to REGISTER!!! FEW SPACES OPEN!!!



The other retreat, it is also my birthday celebration and I want to have a retreat for WOMEN ONLY! It is happening on September 26-28th, 2013 at Casa Micanopy, in Micanopy, FL (details are coming soon! We will be exercising our both right to MOVE, OBSERVE, EAT and be HAPPY! All with consciousness and awareness to bring out our Inner Goddesses!! YES, YOU are ONE, YOU just need to ALLOW her to come out…this retreat will def INSPIRE YOU to do that! Stay tuned for info!!!

YOU are also a GODDESS!!!



Then, we go into 2015 RETREATS!!! DATE is CONFIRMED for August 22-29th 2015, so, PLENTY of TIME to PLAN IT and ESCAPE AWAY to Montezuma, Costa Rica!!!

PLEASE, VISIT the Facebook event page for ALL info, and/or, VISIT





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