About Cristiane…

36522_10150813710861809_962683346_nCristiane Machado is Brazilian by Birth and Passion for people, good times and LIFE!!! Born in 09/29/1969 (very auspicious numbers), in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro at 7:10 am from mom Zelia S. da Silva and dad Everson Z. Machado. Has moved to Florida in July 1999 with son Caina Avila, now 23 yo.  249958_10150208782546809_4383641_n

Since then, she has moved along with her son to Gainesville, FL and In the Winter of 2003, Cristiane attended and graduated the renown, Florida School of Massage and became an entrepreneur in the healing world. Her Massage Therapy practice has been being built for past 8 years with many successful experiences. Since becoming a Massage Therapist, Cristiane has engaged on a healthier path, which has lead to conscious living through Yoga, Meditation and a desire to become self-aware.

In the Winter of 2008, Cristiane found ZUMBA® FITNESS and IT has become the anchor and foundation for Cristiane’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being. So much that she has decided to become a ZUMBA® Instructor and later a ZUMBA® Jammer. The overwhelming feeling of JOY, HAPPINESS, CONNECTION and EMPOWERMENT she felt after only ONE ZUMBA® class, has made a huge impact in her life and she has, since then, traveled around Europe, South America, North America and Central America SHARING her PASSION and INSPIRING others to become instructors and ZUMBA® LOVERS as well.

That path has lead Cristiane to study and become acquainted with many paths of healing and has allowed to her to combine ALL her expertise in the arts of Self Knowledge and Self awareness. She has attended yoga trainings at Anamaya in Montezuma Costa Rica and has studied with Kamala Specht, at The Temple of The Universe.

Cristiane has also hosted several Retreats featuring ZUMBA® FITNESS and YOGA around the globe. Anamaya has a very special place in Cristiane’s heart and she has been hosting a Retreat there for few years now. She feels honored to have had the pleasure to do so and is looking forward to her 4th Retreat at Anamaya in August 2015, please visit my Retreats page for more info on that!

After working along with ZES™, Jani Roberts, on promoting and hosting ZUMBA® trainings for about 5 years, she decided to JOIN Jani for her INCREDIBLE NEW Fitness program, RED Warrior™ Nation, which is a FUSION of FITNESS and Martial Arts, where the participant LEARN and EXPERIENCE the DISCIPLINE of Martial Arts in order to QUIET the MIND and EMPOWER the body through movement. It has BEEN an INSPIRING work where she has had yet another OPPORTUNITY to EXPLORE her INNER WARRIOR  and to VALUE her BODY and MIND connection through the program Cristiane is EAGER and CURIOUS to see what is AHEAD as RED Warrior™ takes over a Nation and BEYOND!!! More info on this: http://www.redwarriornation.com


On June 2nd, 2014, Cristiane relocated herself along with her Weimereiner Dog, Xena, and her kitty, She-ra, to St Pete, FL. It was with GREAT surprise that this DESIRE to MOVE away from her beloved Gainesville AROSE. At first, it was a very SCARY THOUGHT, to leave behind ALL she has worked for and built. Her SON, her family, her BFF, her practice, her Z-classes, ALL thats she had known and called home for so long… Still, She knew that there was NO return once her thoughts matched with her actions and she found herself living on a quite dreamy house, buying a RED car,and settling in quite well, not to speak of her “babies”, Xena and She-ra…They are LOVING the MOVE and being close to the SALTY water!! Cristiane has also taken new hobbies, such as Stand UP paddling, which is evolving into Yoga on the paddle board (YEAH, Namaste!) and Gardening…=)

In her own words, Cristiane describes herself as a HAPPY person, living with the DESIRE and PASSION to INSPIRE MANY to find their OWN path that WILL lead to FULL awareness, health and LIVING LIFE to the MAX and LOVING IT!!!

4 thoughts on “About Cristiane…

  1. Hi Cristiane: Love your story. I hope you don’t take offense, but I am a bit of an English language perfectionist. As English is not your native/first language, if you are interested, I would be happy to proof and make changes/suggestions to your writings for posting. Just an offer……made in love!

    Albina S.

    • Not offended at all Albina, actually, I am thankful!!! Feel free to send me any corrections that you feel would make the site as concise and informative as possible, I truly appreciate your feedback.

  2. Hey there! :) I follow you on Facebook and have had the honor of attending one of your Zumba classes add well. I sent you a email on Facebook but didn’t think it went through. I just have a question for ya, I was interested in Zumba instructor training and was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction? Thanks lovely! <3

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